Rachel Vanoven Photography E-Workshop {Indianapolis Family Photographer}

Those of you that follow my Facebook Page, probably have seen that I am a fan of Rachel’s work. Guess what? She is local to me… OH THE HORROR!!! haha:)Yes you can love another local photographer’s work, support them, HIRE them, and even be friends with them! WHAT ON EARTH?! Haha. I say this because so much in the photography world since I’ve started I have seen so much drama and hardship between photographers as the industry gets more saturated. I have moved on and fully support other photographers. This is a profession, an art form, a passion of ours. We can all be better by supporting one another! Anywho– Rachel took my newborn photos of my beautiful preemie girl Madelyn Kate, who is almost two now! And just earlier this week she took our family photos which I am already obsessed with and I’ve only seen a few!! It was totally worth the drive to Kentucky aka Mooresville 😉 (I live almost to Noblesville so those of you from Indiana know how far this is …. haha!) She has a way with families and let me tell you now that she has done our family photos she did NOT disappoint! She interacted with our family perfectly. My kids loved her and adored her. Despite the long drive and close hour to bedtime for my kids– we had no crying, no whining, no bad anything! Just lots of laughter and smiles and fun memories.:)I only wish it wouldn’t have been over so quickly! She made sure we got a zillion shots and we didn’t have to take three hours to do so. Even my husband, who hates being stressed or too hot, got in the car, and said… “Are they done yet? I can’t wait.” 😉 Anyway– we had an amazing session and be sure to follow her Facebook Page to see the rest of our previews when she finishes them up.:)

I had the amazing opportunity to review her new baby… her family e-workshop. She has been spending hours upon hours upon weeks upon months recording these videos, and writing this guide. I was very honored to have the opportunity to review this guide for her and excited to see what tips I could pick up. Rachel and I have been in this business the same amount of time…. but that doesn’t mean that I know everything and definitely doesn’t mean that I stop learning.

So I read the entire guide…. it is SO easy to read and SO easy to understand. No boring reading here. Also, if you are brand new to photography or just getting your business off the ground…this guide will ROCK YOUR SOCKS OFF. Rachel explains things like aperture, shutter speed and ISO in easy to understand terms with fun little diagrams that seriously will make you go “aha!” 😉 She gives all of her secrets for what equipement she used when starting out and what she uses now as well as her workflow. You won’t have any questions left about what to get when you finish this section of the workshop.

The middle section talks about backlighting in depth, which is something Rachel is known for in her family work. I am also a family photographer who backlights 99% of the time and I can tell you that as someone who uses these tips that Rachel gives you, she is spot on. She explains it easily and again gives you diagrams that won’t leave you wondering “What next?”

The last half of the guide gives tips and suggestions for interacting with clients and children in different age groups. In my opinion, as a family photographer myself, this is probably the most important piece to being a successful family photographer. If you struggle with interacting with families and getting them comfortable in a session, this section will be for you. Again, Rachel writes it in clear as day form and gives specific examples and suggestions in different situations that are common.

Last but not least… the VIDEOS! Rachel gives you a whole folder of videos… a video of her shooting a session so you can see her interacting, her posing, and her backlighting skills in action. She gives you screen shares for editing tutorials that are to the point and easy to follow. If you stare at your facebook page for hours wondering how Rachel does what does, here is your chance.

Rachel also gives you the chance to be a part of a private group on Facebook if your purchase her e-workshop for support, follow-up and critique from her. Those of you that follow her work know that she teaches and mentors in person to photographers– but for those that can’t travel this is worth your time and will bring the classroom to you.

Keep on rockin’ Raych… I can’t tell you all how much we LOVE our family photos this year:)<3

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