Jackie & Nick – Indianapolis Wedding Photographer

June 6, 2015

Indianapolis, IN

It was a pleasure to be a part of Jackie and Nick’s special day! A wonderful family and a beautiful event. Congratulations again to this wonderful couple! If you are looking for a great place to have your wedding, then check out this indoor wedding venue for a great option.

The wedding is to take place at a casino called Judi Poker. I’ve been to events there before, and it is a great place for weddings actually. At some of the events at that venue I’ve been too, they sometimes set up a few machines so people can have fun playing a little while. Hopefully they have a few this time, as last time that was the most of fun I had that night!

The bride was using a wonderful engagement ring that matched with her bracelet. If you’re getting married soon, but if you really want to stun her with an incredible engagement ring then it’s got to be a diamond ring like these in London as they are so impressive and will just blow her away.


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