Don’t Wait – {Indianapolis Family Photographer}

I posted this on my Facebook wall yesterday but felt inclined to blog about it too. I recently watched an episode of the show “Revolution”. On the episode, one of the characters carries around her Iphone that no longer turns on because all of the world’s electricity has been turned off completely. There are no phones, no computers, no batteries, no cameras. Nothing electronic at ALL. She carries around her Iphone because she says the ONLY images she has of her children are somewhere in that dead phone…and she has no printed photos to look at. She holds onto that phone in hopes that someday it will turn back on and she will be able to see their faces again and remember their smiles, their hairlines, their dimples….

Yes, its television. It’s fiction. However, it has really made me think lately. We all get busy. We find a million excuses of why we shouldn’t book that family photo shoot, or why we shouldn’t order the prints. We budget for something else other than the canvas print. We decide we’ll “just do it tomorrow” when it comes to printing off the snapshots we took on Instagram at the park. And then guess what? We never do. We want to wait until we lose 10 pounds to spend money on photos with our kids. We want to wait until the kids are more cooperative. We want to wait until the weather is warmer or the fall leaves are changing or it’s not too hot or too windy. Well… I am here to tell you. DO NOT WAIT. Stop all the excuses! Take pictures. Lots of pictures. Hire someone if you can so you can love them and be in them too. If you can’t hire someone? Print them out anyway!! Hang them on your walls, put them in an album, stick them on the fridge. Just do SOMETHING! Don’t let another month go by without being in an image with your child… or your parents.. or your spouse! Your family will never be the same as it is right now. Ever.

The thing is, there is never the *perfect* time for photos.. you will always think of an excuse. Trust me, I am that person too and I do this for a living. I much prefer to take the photos then to be in them. I have a million photos in my Iphone and on my computer of my kids eating, being silly and being themselves… and yet how many have I actually printed out? Not many , I am sad to say. This is going to change. Today. Not tomorrow… today. We will have FAMILY photos taken at least once a year. We will PRINT THEM OUT. I will make albums for the kids, for each of them … so that they have all of these moments to look back on and remember. I will journal for them too… not on the computer but on paper… because the thing is… if there are no computers, or a hard-drive crashes, or a phone dies… I don’t want to lose these memories.

Moral of the blog most? Take Pictures. Book photo sessions. Take more pictures. PRINT THE PICTURES!!! Write down the memories. Share the memories. Do it. Today:)




October 25, 2012 - 7:27 pm

Heather bittner - This is so very very true!! I haven’t ever had family pictures done! I’m ready to change that! I’d like to book a session with you to do a family Christmas photo(s) :)

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