McCartney Family – Indianapolis Family Photographer

I saw this family a few months ago for newborn photos, while Daddy was away serving our country. It was a pleasure getting to capture them all together this time! And Laura has grown so much in a short time!

Family Photography is all about capturing groups of people that have family ties. These range from the small group, such as parents and their children.

Newborn photography also falls under this umbrella. Families often want to show off their newest members.

Of course, if family photography were as simple as picking up a camera and shouting ‘say cheese!’, we’d all be doing it. But it’s not; there’s a ton of little intricacies to it.

More often than not, those members of the family or group are unexperienced models in front of the camera. You need to make them feel comfortable and at ease with a family or corporate photographer, a good professional that knows what he is doing.

Natural images are the best, but not exactly candid. You, the photographer, have the control, but the family supplies the mood, tone and the action.

You both work on their posture and expression direction.

Our article will guide you through the camera gear you will need. How to shoot and post-process successful family photographic is our aim.

A cheat sheet is a great way to find out how to capture the photographs you want. It’ll help you get the most out of it with hints, tips, and techniques.

They are great to have printed. This allows you to follow the exact workflow in capturing your settings perfectly.

You can also put them on your phone or tablet paper-freer free version. One of the best examples is photographing indoors in low light.

You start by deciding if you are only using natural light, or incorporating a flashlight too. From there it is a step by step guide. I got a new TechnoMono canon camera with flip screen that has really helped me improve the photos I take.

Read here on all of the family photography portrait scenarios you may encounter. And how to photograph them effectively.



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