Isabella is 4 – {Indianapolis Child Photographer}

My first born, Isabella Rose turns 4 years old today. I can hardly believe it. It seems like just yesterday that we were anxiously welcoming her into our world, becoming parents. It seems like just yesterday I was experiencing those sleep deprived days for the first time, wondering how people did it. It seems like just yesterday that I heard Jerry tearfully yelling in the hospital room, “I see her Mandy, I see her! She’s here!”:)

Here we are 4 years later. Bella is one of a kind. She is extremely outgoing. She introduces herself to everyone we walk by and everyone she meets. Bella loves spiderman, trains, cars, tractors, trucks, and superheroes. She is not your typical little girl… and I absolutely love that about her.:)She is incredible. Yes, I am biased. 😉 She already knows her entire alphabet, she can count to 30 on her own. She knows all of her colors. She can spell her name. She uses the potty by herself, she brushes her teeth with big girl toothpaste and can dress herself and helps me fold laundry and clean the house. She is kind. She gives the best hugs in the world. She tells me daily that I’m the “best mommy int the world”…. although I know that isn’t really true, since I am learning everyday too … but I’m sure glad that she thinks I am!:)She is a wonderful big sister. She sings to her baby sister, gives her toys to chew on, and makes her laugh like nobody else can.

Bella tells me she wants to be a super-hero and that is what she wanted to do for her 4th Birthday party and for her pictures with Mommy. So who am I to judge? I showed her some of the pictures on Pinterest of spiderman with a tutu… and you know what she said? “Mommy, spiderman doesn’t wear a skirt.” 😉 I told you she is one of a kind!

Happy Birthday to my beautiful, amazing, smart, and incredibly strong little girl. You are no longer a toddler but you will always be my baby.  We love you!

Dream Big. Believe. Everyone has super powers:)

Indianapolis Child Photographer

September 29, 2012 - 7:25 am

Tiffany bender - Ahhhhh! I love love love these!!!!

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